We Are Personal Assistance Options
Our confidential services are tailored to each person we support, to help them meet their daily life needs, participate in the community, and fulfill their dreams.

Home Health Care Agency Midland MI


We Offer Person-Centered Support

We provide support for the emotional, physical, and personal well-being of each person served, based on your unique needs and goals in life. This may include: assistance with medical appointments and medication; household tasks like vacuuming, laundry, & organization; personal care such as bathing, grooming, getting ready for the day, or establishing a bedtime routine; grocery shopping, along with meal prep and cooking and companionship, including social needs, making phone calls, & finding resources to help with independence.

Mentorship for Children and Teens

Our Mentoring program recognizes the unique challenges that children and teens face and focuses on building the skills necessary to transition into the next phase of their life. Our Mentors develop healthy, meaningful relationships that helps children and teens understand their own self-worth and internal value and the importance of being responsible and accountable for their actions, both at home and in the community.


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Primary Communities Served

Midland | Bay City | Sanford | Auburn