We are a large, person-driven non-profit organization whose confidential services enable individuals to remain in their homes, no matter the level of care needed.

Our services are tailored to each individual we support, to help them meet their daily life needs, participate in the community and fulfill their dreams.


To provide support to individuals with disabilities based on their personal needs and goals.


Our values are the pillars to our culture. They are part of everything we do and define the expectations we have for ourselves and each other. Our values guide our decision-making process, how we carry out our mission, and are the blueprints for our success.

  • We honor choice and pursue opportunities with community at the heart of our work.
  • Our vision is that of creating an environment where all people, regardless of background and ability, can grow, make choices, and be valued and contributing members of our community.  Everyone has the ability to contribute to his or her community in a meaningful way.
  • All people are inherently valuable regardless of their level of ability or disability.
  • We encourage a sense of belonging for all.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards and share expertise and collaboration to find solutions that address the whole picture.
  • We learn from the past and lean into the future.
  • All that we do should contribute to the strength, independence, community presence and capacity of each individual we serve.

Primary Communities Served

Midland | Bay City | Sanford | Auburn